Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lacinata Kale

There was a point this past summer when I had so much kale in my garden I could not eat it fast enough so I picked several bunches, cut it coarsely, bagged it up and froze it.

Today un-thawed, the kale appears fresh and ready to cook.


My last few slices of bacon from the Fall farm pork will go nicely with the kale. I fry up the bacon, set it aside and saute chopped onion in a little bacon grease. A few minutes later I add the kale and cook it down with some chicken broth. After 20 minutes minimum, I sprinkle the kale with vinegar...your choice ... balsamic, red wine, sherry...cook it off and mix in the chopped bacon bites - top with black pepper and salt to taste.

Meanwhile I've boiled up some whole wheat penne pasta from Trader Joes. (It's good)
In a bowl large enough to hold the pasta and the kale, I've beaten an egg and now add the hot pasta and toss, then the kale, a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Simple and unforgettable, it will come around again and again.

I am aware of the fact that I am not a recipe writer. Think balance. I was cooking for two so I boiled up half a pound of pasta. Consider how much kale you have - I like an even balance of vegetable to pasta. Take it and run. There are endless possibilities with veggies and pasta and olive oil and egg. It is healthy and delicious. Have confidence because you can not go wrong.

After years of insisting on white semolina pasta from Italy, I have returned to my 1970's diet of whole wheat pasta. It reheats nicely, is high in fiber and flavor. Drain it when very al dente.

Man o Man have I been cooking lately. My husband, a macho macho man, is a fabulous grill cook. He can grill perfect fish - grew up on Long Island Sound and has lived on the Puget Sound for thirty some years. He is friends with many fisherman. Me {if you have been reading this blog} - I came into cooking meat late in life and since purchasing the meat from the farm I have come into my own as THE meat grill cook.

Last week I cooked a perfect butterflied leg of lamb for my departing step-son. Served it with a cilantro salsa and plain yogurt. Simple, healthy and delicious.

Step aside honey, I am in my stride. SAVE ME FRIENDS, I sound like Helen Whats Her Name.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Pig Gods

I don't believe in one god, but many and the pig gods delivered unto me thy bacon which I was instructed to fry up, while home alone, and eat.

As James Brown says, "Good god almighty."

The bacon I bought from a farmer in Mount Vernon and had thawed out days ago to share with house guests. We never got around to eating it and after they'd gone, every time I opened the refrigerator, the bacon called my name. "Jenise". I've never fried and eaten bacon alone. It's a weekend family food.

To accompany my bacon, a glass of red Cote Du Rhone, a $5.99 bottle from Trader Joes and not bad.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Taste of Summer

A raspberry from the garden, frozen in July and eaten in January.