Sunday, October 19, 2008

Closing out the tomatoes

Saturday the 18th of October in Seattle - the sun is out - the air warm and the blueberry bushes beautiful shades of red and orange.

Time to clean up the garden and plant garlic.

I gleaned a large bowl of rather edgy apples and plan on making apple sauce to accompany the pork I have on order from a farm north of Seattle. No recipe for that yet but like the sounds of apple, ginger and serrano peppers.

I harvested long island cheese squash early because of the wet soil factor and the leaves were dusty with mold.

I sure wish I'd taken a picture or two of last nights dinner and tonight's leftovers cause I swear, it was the greatest meal I have ever eaten, bar none.

Four dishes....

My orange cauliflower, see March 20ith 2008 for recipe...steamed cauliflower with sauce of olive oil, anchovy, garlic, bread crumbs...with the addition of serrano peppers that I grew..oh my cauliflower the color of orange sherbet with serrano olive oil garlic bread crumb sent me.

So did the french wine a house guest bought for me...Chateau Mont-Redon 2005, Cotes Du Rhone.

Back to the goddess fall meal...the mind you, the usual kale dish (and I say usual because I have 8 large kale plants growing and here in Seattle that means kale until next summer when it goes to seed) of sauteed onions, once softened add chopped kale, saute briefly then add 1/2 cup or so of water, cover and cook. Continue water and cooking it off for close to 40 minutes and then add vinegar, cook off for a few minutes and serve.

The next dish started with an idea, which Mark Bittman had thought through and published, but ended with my own addition of a few chopped kalamata olives for flavor.

Pasta with canned Tuna.

Sauteed onion and garlic, sweet tomatoes from our garden, capers, red pepper flakes, the kalamata olives and finally canned tuna packed in olive oil. This dish was IT although one diner did grate a fresh assiago cheese on top.

All this plus a green romaine salad with toasted walnuts, red onion and gorgonzola cheese from Rogue Artisan Cheeses...tossed lightly with grape seed oil and red wine vinegar.

I could eat this way every day, over and over again..the Mediterranean diet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stomy Saturday Morning

Apples are still on the trees and a big wind is heading in this October 4th.

The name of the restaurant with the wicked Banh Mi sandwich is,Cafe Pho, 823 3rd Ave #201, Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 447-7100.

Cafe Pho buys their baguettes from Le Panier, in the Pike Place Market. I've always enjoyed shopping and eating at Le Panier. Open and lovely it's a reliable place to lift your spirits on a rainy day in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Back to the Banh Mi, a fresh baguette, grilled pork, cilantro, mayonnaise, jalapeno pepper, radish and carrots. The cooks at Cafe Pho do it right balancing the meat and veggies. I squirt Sirachi sauce down the middle. The Banh Mi is wicked because it is rich. Although a blast of white flour, pork grease and mayonnaise, it is not an unhealthy lunch, but indeed a midday delight. And good people watching. Things get busy at Cafe Pho. I've only ordered to go and never waited longer than 5 6 minutes.