Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where Did The Apples Go?

Thanks to Diane coming over late this fall to cut up the not so perfect apples from our diseased tree, we each gleefully put half a gallon of applesauce into our freezers and coincidentally in recent days, thawed some out and made use of it in two very different and delightful ways.

A delicious apple cake at her house for Seattle's cold holiday week -
And over at my place - the chunky sauce heated up with jalapeno peppers, fresh ginger, cinnamon and cardamon to accompany grilled pork chops. Very good and luckily so because the grilled pork chops it accompanied - although delicious - were a tad charred.

In the past I've composted the apples from the little diseased tree - they have scabs, the flesh mushy and speckled brown.
This year my goal was to glean everything from the garden...and applesauce was the perfect calling and darn easy.

Put the peeled chunks of apple in a pan..add an inch or two of water so the apples don't stick and cook them down on low heat. We choose not to add sugar or spice, just the juice of a lemon.

Apple cake on a Winters day...
Apples and pork on a cold and windy night.

I bought the pork directly from the Hidden Meadow Ranch in Mount Vernon, just north of Seattle. Well worth the hours drive north on I-5 - the pork is some of the best I've eaten, particularly the bacon!