Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Local Banter

I met up with a few women from my book group, met under the I5 park and ride on 65th to cruise north together in Eliza's Champagne Lady, a V6 Camry Toyota, compliments of an older relative. We got out of our three cars and immediately began asking about the newest member of the club, whom I'd just meet the month before, Karen, a wiry biker. Crunch...she was broad-sided a couple of weeks ago and is still laid up in the hospital.... "She'll be back".

Then the stories just rolled out of us fast and furious about this accident and that high blood pressure and the two week coma and car accidents and cars hitting pedestrians and cars and cars drove over our heads and then we popped into the Lady and hit the over head up to Edmonds where food and wine awaited. We never know what the book club host has prepared for us and this July evening it was fresh salmon !!! A full on dinner with's, how ever you spell it...appetizers.

Heather darling topped the salmon with brown sugar and paprika. Very tasty! and different. I am sold on it. We talked salmon for awhile. I shared a favorite I gleaned from Secky Fascione - salmon served with a side of caramelized onions. Yikes, a knock out. Love it, but then anything served with caramelized onions I swoon over.

Heather's four year old has a cowlick...a cow tongue and hair. A cowlick.

I drank the Australian Chardonnay, the big bottle Costco put on the map, two kangaroos, very "drinkable". The wine lingo. My nephew manages the wine and beer department at The Roadhouse, in Ann Arbor Michigan. The Roadhouse is one of the Zingerman Deli businesses. Super nice community. A good place to work, a small giant, as Bo Burlington refers to it in his book titled the same, Small Giants. Anyway, the news is - nephew Kevin has accepted an invitation to attend Pinot Noir camp next summer. Pinot Noir camp in the Willamette valley. Good times.

Heather served us strawberries and blueberries for dessert under the Edmonds sky. And the light, white to the North with a spectrum of blue trailing south, a sublime end to a gorgeous day on the Puget Sound.


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