Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remember Brewer's Yeast?

The yellow powder that hippie's ate?

B Vitamins dudettes.

I first heard about it as a hangover cure. A tablespoon or two in a large glass of orange juice was popular. A shot of B Vitamins. And where does
Brewer's yeast grow? It is a bi product of brewing beer ...yeast that is dried and killed. (check out wikipedia)

The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook is available, still, today.

Just now I mixed up one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil with two teaspoons of yeast and crumbled it on dry toast. Tea and toast. Delicious. I crave more brewers yeast. It is like that, people get addicted to it fast.

Then there is Vegemite which I have never craved and avoid. It is concentrated yeast extract from Australia and the jar says -

"B the best you can B with Vegemite..." "One of the world's richest known sources of Vitamin B"

It is an excellent product but one I never developed a taste for. Besides yeast extract, Vegemite has salt, mineral salt, malt extract, colour, flavors, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin and folate. I am fond of the packaging, Kraft, because it reminds me of the 50's.

Yesterday, after swimming laps for half an hour, I was h u n g r y and whipped up a vegetable pasta dish topping it with a teaspoon of vinaigrette and a small hill of brewers yeast.

Leftover spaghetti, cauliflower, red pepper, red onion and garlic. I blanched the cauliflower in the microwave, something I rarely do but works nicely, tossed it in with the sauteing pepper, onion and garlic, added the pasta and heated it up. I topped it with yeast...it looked dry so I added the olive oil vinaigrette. Could have been rice and veggies with tamari and yeast.

My memory jogs to a friend who ate pasta tossed with red pepper flakes, garlic, yeast and olive oil every night for dinner. Sometimes with a dash of balsamic vinegar.

The ALL TIME FAVORITE, popcorn tamari and yeast.

Since reintroducing yeast into my diet I've put it on salads, rice, oatmeal - not. I recently added a layer of yeast on to my fried egg sandwich....egg from the farm and a big fat layer of greens from the garden, which is about all that is growing with this cold and wet weather.

I do have a full head of romaine to pick and I'm going to make a Cesar with it tonight. Egg from the farm, garlic, olive oil, lemon, a little anchovy and Brewer's Yeast? Why not. Save on the Parmesan cheese

Now I ask you this readers...do you know any men who are gluten intolerant? I have not dined with one but I have dined with many women who are and to you I say, try the new Mary's Gone Crackers - gluten free and tasty. Just had a sample of the black pepper. Mary's son Jeb is gluten intolerant so I guess it's not about testosterone.

That's all from the Sassy Omnivore today and hey, look for me on Thursdays cause now that I know you are out there reading this blog, a schedule is called for.



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