Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Back From Sonoma County

A gorgeous drive through Washington, Oregon and down the coast of California on
highway one into Marin County. Only ate 5 meals out in 8 days and they were memorable, especially the tuna poached in olive oil ! New to me but not to certified chefs.

The restaurant, All Seasons Bistro, in Calistoga CA and the poached tuna...served with a red pepper sauce, cilantro rice and asparagus. The fish was cooked through, moist and incredibly delicious, a hint of olive oil in every bite.

Better yet was the unusual pizza I had at the Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland Oregon. The crust, baked in a wood fired oven, exceptional, thin and flavor full...looked like it had some whole wheat flour in it...

Topped with

whole roasted cloves of garlic
feta cheese
kalamata olives
thin slices of red onion

That's all.

SO good..light..and the garlic, sweet sweet sweet.

When it landed in front of me I was taken aback, expecting melted red grease and yes I knew what I ordered but it looked like no other pizza I'd been served. God it was good. Roasted whole cloves of garlic nestled in feta cheese along side kalamata olives and red onions.
Not a lot of any one ingredient.
Very light, satisfying and healthy.

A fun place too with a rack of magazines, a shelf of board games and boxes of kids toys. Located in a large old building you walk into a cozy bar which leads past the open kitchen into a grand room with two floors of seating, large windows and doors leading to patio dining.

They are open late.
We got in around 9:15 and the place was packed - people coming in for tables the whole time we were there. Ashland was out on a Thursday night and people were was a room full of talking laughing happy white people. And that's the way it was, this Thursday night in April.

I ate a lot of garlic in one sitting and plan on perfecting this dish to serve at home.

Speaking of garlic I just used up my last bulb from the 2007 summer harvest. This year I am planting more because I want enough to last until the next harvest.

Eat Local Ballard is this Tuesday night, 5th annual and I don't have a ticket !!!! Any one have an extra ??


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