Friday, June 13, 2008

World Spice Merchant in Seattle

I am off to World Spice for a bag of Black Assam Tea and a bag of Irish Breakfast Tea. I love my tea. I do not however have the palate for the subtleties.

I'll undoubtedly buy a bag of curry powder, one of the many house blends that suck you through the door as you inhale the world.

This small shop is on Western Avenue right behind the Pike Place Market.

Actually, I am going to get my list together online before I go. This MAY keep me from buying more spices than I have plans for.

Join me for immediate salivation by clicking on "Spice blends" and scrolling down to the Indian Subcontinent to read the long list of Curry's. DO scroll back up and read the whole list. It's an inexpensive trip.


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