Thursday, March 6, 2008

Breakfast ???

Today a cauliflower onion frittata for breakfast and tomorrow, a wedge of the same served with a glass of wine for dinner.

I love frittata's for their versatility and artfulness. So lovely is a piece of Spanish tortilla; a different name for a similar dish.

Such a perfect food. This a.m. my cupboard - bare -
What's in the frig? aging head of cauliflower, half an onion, 6 eggs and a bottle of spicy olive oil.

You know the drill...saute the onion and cauliflower in the oil...add salt, cook until soft.

Beat the eggs with a tad more salt and a few grinds of pepper.

Turn the veggies up to medium heat and pour the eggs into the pan.

Cook the bottom half and then broil off the top (or flip and cook) then plate the gorgeous pie.

The perfect vehicle for olive oil. I love frittata's for their versatility, absolute beauty, their taste and nutritional value.

Crack the eggs, grab the wisk and start cooking.


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