Friday, February 15, 2008

The Holiday is over

Woke up February the 13th to Mark Bittman making short ribs as a gift of love for Valentines Day. Mr. Bittman is a food columnist for the New York Times and once a week or so he cooks something up on the Times home page video spot.

I could not wait for the big 14th love day and cooked up the ribs that night. Indeed just as he said - they were “rico” …sensual and tasty.

Brown the ribs on at least four sides, remove from pan, sauté an onion and some garlic, add one large cup of strong coffee, a glug of wine and a dried chili of some kind…I used guaillo...put the ribs back in the pan and cook at low low simmer for at least 3 hours…beef falls of the bone. Thank you Mark Bittman. I love you. Be mine.

Now it really was Valentines day and no reservations have been made. Why? I’ve never embraced the Hallmark holiday. Heard on the radio today that 17 billion dollars was shelled out of pocket for love. As dinner time approached though I got in the spirit and stopped into whole paycheck, which I have renamed, more than whole paycheck and here is what I bought.

Fresh pappardelle pasta and a fresh tomato vodka sauce, both produced by Cucina Fresca which is located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Not cheap but easy, and, as I've thought of myself as such, it was fitting for the day.

Steamed up an artichoke, which is love food to me.....especially when it comes out of my garden.
Did the spinach salad again but this time with the poppy seed dressing and a fresh tangerine and it was much better than the raspberry dressing. When I find something I like I eat it again.

So the pasta, the salad, the artichoke..oh yes, picked up a small bagette from “The Baked Fresh” La Brea bakery in Los Angeles.
So "French". So delicious. Next time I am in Los Angeles La Brea is on the list. The owner Nancy Silverton goes way back in the artisonal American bread revival.

Thank you Nancy and yes WE have ton's of locally baked fabulous bread. I do love and eat them all - to name a few
Essential, Tall Grass, Macrina, Grand Central, Columbia City.....check them out and look for others at a grocery store near you.

There were two left over short ribs if I needed extra and for the day of hearts I opened a bottle of Pinot Noir I’d bought for Thanksgiving but never drank. A Domaine Serene, Yamhill Cuvee from the awe inspiring Willamette Valley. A splurge for me, I rarely spend 36.00 on a bottle of wine. And lastly, a special drink for Carson, seventeen,....Dry Soda, made in Seattle. Rhubarb.

Good lord I also bought a bag of Doctor Kracker, which is not local but organic from Texas. Very whole grain. I feel nourished eating them. A flatbread. HAD to pick up a smoked salmon spread to go on top for an appetizer.

No calorie counting going on for Valentines day. No budget either. Guess I did dive right on into the Hallmark card.


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