Thursday, October 9, 2014

The IFBC Inspires and Provokes

More on the International Food Blogger's Conference.

The keynote speech was delivered by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg.  Prolific writers, they have co-written 8 books and (they are married!) Check out their website and buy a book!

They shared their journey to success and encouraged everyone to live authentically and write about what you love and believe in.  And not to follow trends, but to start them.

Their new book; The Vegetarian Flavor Bible.

A couple of years ago they began eating plant foods 99% of the time.  Food writer Michael Pollen's famous quote, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” has certainly contributed to our countries declining meat consumption. He started a trend!

Karen went back to school and got her degree in Nutrition at Cornell and is a strong proponent of T. Colin Campbell and his "China Study".  Like nutritionist Adelle Davis in her day, T. Colin Campbell is not for everyone.  There are nutritionist who disagree with his viewpoint.

My path is almost opposite that of Karen and Andrew.  I read Adelle Davis's books in 1973 at the age of 18 and stopped eating processed foods and soon after became a vegetarian.

Long story short, I now eat meat.  I am grateful to have the money I need to buy the foods I want.  I do not eat meat every day.  My diet has stayed the same since 1975 when I started working at the Seward Food Coop and includes legumes, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, cheese.  Plus other "real foods" like Bearitos Corn Chips and Kettle Potato Chips.  And now meat.

I appreciate the variety of my diet.  Very important to me are the oils I use, both raw and to cook with and this is something I learned from Adelle Davis - avoid hydrogenated fats.

The 1970's counter culture seems to have had it dialed in: eat whole foods and read labels.

Labels reflect food trends. "Gluten free" is now printed on the labels of foods that never have or will ever contain gluten.

What to eat has been a provocative topic in my world since I work at Seward Coop in Minneapolis. In 1975 the co-op war started over white sugar and margarine.  Should or shouldn't the co-op sell it? It is an interesting story.  Click on the link and read more.

At Karen and Andrew's talk I could sense the currents of what one "ought" to eat swirling around me.

Quinoa is a great example of a food trend.  Quinoa's been available in the food co-ops for decades and now it is so popular, the people who grow and have eaten if for hundreds of years can longer afford it.

Here is another article on the Quinoa topic.  More comprehensive than the above food trends link, which is a bit of a rant.

Not a food trend but related; vegans with pet cats. Read about it here.

I end with a short note on the importance of good nutrition. Two women I know, one 29, the other 40, both are vegans and both have stopped menstruating.   No, the Doc's and Naturopaths say it is not early menopause, but bad nutrition.

If you choose to limit your diet, please take care and get the nutrition you need.


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