Saturday, September 20, 2014

IFBC Giveaways

No Seattle freeze at the 2014 International Food Bloggers Conference.  
For those unfamiliar the conference is a gathering of people who write food blogs.  Some writers get paid by advertisers and others write for friends and family.

Above is a photo of items I picked up at the opening reception. 

Notice the Aneto Broth - it came all the way from Spain.  All participants were given Aneto aprons with our blog names printed on them!  A sweet crew worked their table.  Thank you!

To me the most interesting product in the photo is the endive.  I learned that endive is grown in two steps which explains why it is so expensive.

A member of the chicory family, the sown seeds grow into a green leafy plant with a deep tap root. After 150 days of growing the tops are cut off and the roots are dug up and moved to a dark cool room.
A second growth sprouts up out of the root and it is endive! Pictures and more information can be found on this CA Endive site.  It is worth a look.

The new Theo Chocolate Peanut Butter cups are supposed to be delicious and the tea, I love the Bigelow green tea.

But the peach was the best gift - look at it, Washington, Washington farmers.  Oops, it's not in the picture!

Here it is -

Tomorrow is another day.  That's all for now from the IFBC 2014.


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